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How to Deal with A Weirdo You Actually Like

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Don’t make it weird.

Telling someone you like, “you’re weird”

Is the dysphemism of calling them “unique.”

“You’re so weird,

But you’re my weirdo.”

said in a certain tone is the equivalent of putting someone down so you can lift them up.

Nobody needs that negative energy.

Maybe when you first met them, they were magic.

But every time you don’t know how to react to their flame, you put it out a little bit.

One day, you’ll be left with a person you’ve molded into this dulling world.

Maybe you had a condescending family member,

And that’s where you grew from, a branch from a damaged tree.

But we can clip you and grow a healthier family tree.

Don’t carry that learned behavior into our safe place away from your upbringing.

This can be your home.

Those rules don’t apply here.

Let our life be a little more fun



I want to go back to your relieving arms.

I don’t want to be put down & have to run away from them too.

Your family loves you so much.

But all the love in the world couldn’t teach you it was okay to be naïve.

Learning is not a solution,

but the

next step

of the journey.

You can laugh through it,

or you can be put down.

You can bond over your silliness,

or be punished for your lack of awareness.

But you were a child.

And they loved you so much, but they never learned they could forgive themselves on their own shortcomings, or that they didn’t have to see these steps as shortcomings to begin with.

You weren’t exposed to these possibilities, so you may not know how to react.

And that’s okay.

I’ll be patient.

You can’t know until you’re exposed.

But please, know that what you’ve known isn’t who you are or how you have to be.

And don’t project that onto me.

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